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Date: Sun, 5 Jun 94 19:26:02 -0500
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It was my junior year in high school and our gym class had just
started weight lifting. Coach Debor was wearing his skin tight white pants
and showed us how to use all of the equipment. He noticed me staring at him
the whole time... and I wasn't watching his arms. During lunch that day, I
got a pass to go down to the lockerroom. Coach was there waiting for lolita img board bbs me and
he told me that he saw me staring and that he was gonna teach to stare at
him. We went up to the weight room and within a minute, Don Smith came walk-
ing out of the showers. All he was wearing was a towel. (Don Smith is one of
guys that I spent many nights jacking off dreaming about. He was a senior,
played football, about 230 lbs. of muscle, and blond hair and green eyes!)
Coach looked so good...his super thin waist and very young asian lolitas tight butt, and his huge
chest and arms. He looked at me in a way that he never looked before.
Coach laid down on the bench press and Don came over and straddled
Coach's body. I heard him undo Coach's velcro button and pull down the
zipper. Don put his towel over Coach's cock and they played with each other.
I quickly got hard and pulled my cock out of my pants. I started jacking off
and Don saw me. He russian lolita bbs nude
got off of Coach and walked over. His dick was pointing
staright out inside the towel. He walked over to me and got down on his hands
and knees and wanted to blow me. He told me to get down on my knees so that
he could suck me good. This was really my first blowjob. Don picked up my
cock and sucked on my balls. Then he licked his way up my cock. It felt
great, not only having Don's tongue swirling around my cock head, but just
looking down and seeing my cock in this muscular stud's mouth was enough to
drive me crazy. Meanwhile, Debor took off all of his clothes and slid his
long, narrow 9 inch cock in Don's wonderful ass. Coached stared me in the
eyes as he fucked Don. His waist was going back and forth and his face showed
pure pleasure. Don was still sucking me good, and Coach leaned over and
kissed me on the lips. He stuck his tongue in mouth mouth and I sucked on it.
I could taste his saliva. Don put my whole cock in his mouth and licked
around my shaft. I was ready to cum. I stopped frenching Coach and tried to
pull my dick out of Don's mouth, but he wouldn't let go. I shot a huge load
down Don's throat. He swallowed it and finally took my cock out.
I laid down on my back under Don so that I could blow him. His dick
quickly grew to a super fat eight inches. I sucked on his balls and was ready
to take in his dick when Coach announced that he was ready to cum. I quickly
got out from under Don and Coach pulled his cock out of Don's ass and jacked
off until he was actually ready to shoot. He shot loads of thick, creamy
white cum out of his cock into Don's asshole. It just kept pouring out of his
dick! Coach got dressed while I got down near Don's ass. I spread apart Don's
butt and licked up Coach's cum. I stuck my tongue down Don's ass as far as I
could. I got all of Coach's thick, creamy sperm out.
Coach came back and Don rolled onto his back. His huge cock pointed
straight up. I put Don's dickhead into my mouth and Coach licked up and down
his shaft. Coach stuck his tongue on top of mine and we frenched with Don's
cock in the middle. Don moaned out that he was about to cum, so I put his
balls in my mouth while Coach sucked his prick head. I felt his balls squeeze
and watched as Coach's mouth filled up with Don's cum. Coach immediately came
over to me and kissed me on the lips. Then I realized that he hadn't
swallowed Don's cum. I slowly sucked Don's cum out of Coach's warm mouth.
We all got dressed and made it back to school just as the bell that ended
lunch rang.
About a week later, I was going to visit a freind who happened to
live next door to Mike Doctor. Mike was another guy that I spent many nights
jacking off thinking about. He was the starting quarterback for the varsity
team. He was a huge guy but not very tall. He was always frenching some girl
in lolita img board bbs the halls everytime I passed him, so I figured he would be a waste of my
time. Anyway, when I pulled into my friend's driveway, Mike had just come
outside wearing sweatpants (showing quite a bulge). He asked me if I wanted
to ride on his ATC with him. Without hesistation I said yes. He wanted me to
drive so he sat down first and I sat down almost in his lap. I started it up
and Mike grabbed me around my chest. I could feel his dick get hard as it
poked up my ass. I noticed that we needed more gas so we went back to his
house. We got into his car to go get some. He held up a second set of keys
and said that they were to his uncle's apartment who was on vacation. He
looked me in the eyes and said, "Do you want to fuck or what?"
We pulled into his uncle's driveway. Once we got inside he showed
me the king size bed. He told me I wouldn't beleive how many people he has
had in that bed. Mike said that he must have fucked Coach Debor in that bed
at least 20 times. When I told him that I had been with Coach before he
thought it was no big deal. He said that every football game, between
quarters, he'd drop his pants and Coach would fuck him up the ass. He said
that he left his jockstrap on and Coach would just fuck him. Coach would then
cum in his ass, which Mike said gave him luck when throwing the football.
Finally, Mike leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips. I put my
arms around him and slowly moved them down to his ass. I grabbed him and then
he grabbed my hand and pulled it to his cock. I felt it hard as a rock and
it reached halfway down to his knee. He pulled off his shirt and I saw his
huge chest. He sorta had tits but they were all muscle. He forced my face
into his tits and I sucked on his huge nipples. Eventually he pushed my head
sown to his cock. I pulled down his sweats and underwear . His cock was
amazing. It was huge! It wasn't super long but damn was it thick. He told me
that he wanted his asshole sucked and fucked before I could suck him. I got
behind him and got a good view of him. He had a gorgeous ass. I started
licking and though about how many times Coach's cock was in here. He spread
out his cheeks and told me to go deeper. I stuck my tongue out as far as I
could and licked his crack. The bitter taste of him made me want him even
more. He still wanted more so he told me to stick my finger in. I gave him
something more. I shoved my fat cock in his ass and he said that was just
what he wanted. I started out slow lolita preteen photo art but was pumping away in no time. He kept
moaning "Fuck me" and "You feel even better than Coach!". That did it. Just
thinking that my dick is in the same hole that Coach had fucked so many times
set me off. I shot my load right in Mike's ass.
At this point all I wanted was a taste of Mike's cum. I quickly
sucked down as much of his monster cock as I could and created as much
suction as possible. I felt his hands grab my head and force me to take
more of his cock in. I nearly gagged but I got lolita img board bbs the whole thing in my mouth.
As he was readyto cum, he pulled his cock out and started jacking off. I got
underneath him and had a great view. I could see his cock and his face. I
was finally seeing this stud in a position I had only dreamed possible. He
was nudist 13 art lolita
pounding his meat as I saw his whole body tense up. And then ten squirts
of Mike Doctor's cum shot everywhere. Some on my face, in my mouth, on my
chest, and in his hand. I swallowed what landed in my mouth and it tasted
incredible. Then I licked each of his finger's clean.
That was one fucking incredible day for me!

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